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Things to Consider While Choosing the Inkjet Paper for Your Printing

Inkject paper

Customize your t-shirt to give it a funky look. Use inkjet light transfer paper for the purpose. Further, the printing industry can help transform light-colored fabric with inkjet printing on A3/A4 papers and iron the image onto your t-shirt the way you like. Moreover, the impression can be cast on fabrics with 100% polystyrene, 100% cotton, or a mixture of it. However, remember only light-colored fabric can be subjected to inkjet printing. Furthermore, for inkjet printing A4 transfer paper of density 120 gsm would suffice.

Transfer Paper For Black T-shirts

The kind of heat transfer paper is different than it was for the light-colored one. Because of the dark background, the print may not be prominent. So the A4 papers are used for light-colored inkjet printing. However, it would be beneficial to use dark t-shirt transfer paper rather than light color transfer paper.

Effects Of Heat Transmission

After the inkjet printing is completed, the transfer papers are subjected to heat treatments ie. pressing,/ironing the paper onto fabric. So, the best transfer paper for the heat press would be required. Further, the papers must be tolerant to heat and perform embossing of the fabric without any hassle. However, printing industries are bound to employ heat on the transfer papers to develop the impressions on fabric.

How To Go For Bulk Purchase Of Transfer Papers

If you want to buy bulk t-shirt transfer paper, shopping online would be the best platform for you. Website links like Amazon.com or eBay can be an effective source for purchasing bulk t-shirt transfer paper. However, individual pieces of transfer paper may cost you 0.06 to 0.08$/sq.meter. approximately, you can receive discounted prices on bulk purchases.

Wholesale Purchase Of Transfer Paper

Discovering a newer you, the printing industry has introduced a unique way to heat treat transfer papers after printing with inkjet printers. Moreover, you don’t need any sophisticated instrument, so any kind of inkjet printer can work. The need for bulk purchase of transfer papers is felt in the printing industry to match demand and supply. The US printing industry has opted for t-shirt transfer paper wholesale. However, there is a condition for wholesale i.e. minimum purchase. The minimum order must be 28000 square meters, approximately .06 to .08 $ may be the cost per sq. meter.


Printed T-shirts are quite trendy attire today. Furthermore, if you have an inkjet printer at home or vicinity, you can even do it yourself. However, on a commercial basis where the printing industry comes in picture light or dark fabric printing needs a lot of arrangements. First of all, dark and light transfer papers are different, they need to bulk purchase the transfer papers. Next Heat treatment is a concern. The transfer papers must be susceptible to heat. However, online portals like Amazon.com, the most popular in the US, can provide the solution if a minimum bulk purchase is made.

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