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What’s Special About Ceiling Paint When Someone Could Just Use Flat Paint on the Ceiling?

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When planning to change the color of your home, you need to decide on the perfect color scheme for every room. No doubt you would want to change the color of each of the walls, but it is only the ceiling walls whose color needs to be changed just once. But you must know there are different varieties of ceiling paints available. You can search for ceiling paint in Singapore to get a better understanding of the options. But there is great confusion between the flat paint and ceiling paint. Although many people choose to use flat paint, you must know they are not good for your ceiling.

Is the flat white paint similar to ceiling paint?

In clear and simple words, they both differ. The flat white ceiling paint is good for most homes. It has a matte finish and can easily hide those imperfections in the area. Besides the wall paint also comes with and flat white finish. However, it is not right for the ceiling paint for multiple reasons. The primary reason is that the ceiling paint has got less sheen, so the light reflection is minimized. When the paint glows too much on the ceiling, then it will reflect the light all over the area. This is why using glossy trim paint on the ceiling is not a good idea because it would not reflect much.

Further, you need to know that there is a possibility for you to make use of wall paint on the ceiling if you want. However, they are not suited for all situations. Making use of crisp paint colors on the ceiling would mean you have to have a proper color palette in your mind, or else the entire look will turn out to be different. Also, making use of sealer paint would be beneficial to keep the paint lasting for a long time.

The ceiling paint generally is thick in consistency. So if you wish to use the wall paint on the ceiling, you will have to go for multiple coats. This will work well if you have got a textured ceiling like popcorn. Also, it would be a good option if you make use of a paint spray but not a roller. But remember, the ceiling pain cannot cover every single stain. There are certain brands that have got the paint color for high density for the ceiling. You can buy paint online as it provides you with multiple options and guarantees you good deals.


When planning to color your ceiling, it is essential that you have got a proper idea about the color scheme. Also, using the best quality color is highly recommended. You can also look for a primer in Singapore to make the overall result a lot better. Besides being clear about the colors, it would be beneficial if you find a professional who can help you complete the project. Also, you must find a professional who can help you complete the project as it will not only reduce the hassle but also guarantee you achieve the perfect finish.

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