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Luxury Wedding Reception

How to Choose a Venue For a Luxury Wedding Reception Ceremony

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Every aspect of a wedding reception ceremony is optional, but there are moments when you wish to have a grand party and the most important thing that matters here is choosing the appropriate venue. Finding a luxury wedding reception venue is not always easy and depends on whether you want a modern-styled party or traditional. In this article, major tips about choosing the right venue for the reception ceremony have been discussed.

Tips for Choosing a Luxurious Wedding Reception Venue

• Book a planner: Before deciding on anything at all, get a planner and discuss things. A wedding planner can give the best details about the space, the layout, items, and the time. They will help you in organizing everything in a creative manner.

• Know your guest list: A luxurious wedding reception venue can be chosen only after keeping in mind your guest list. If your guest list is small and includes only close family and friends, you should opt for an elegant, but small-spaced venue with intricate decorations. And in case you have a long guest list, then you are most welcome to have the lavish wedding reception ceremony.

• Always remember your budget: Budget is the most important thing of all. Just because you want to have a luxurious party, doesn’t mean that will spend all that you have. So before fixing the venue, check on your budget. The average expenditure on decorations and the designs should be minutely calculated.

• Choosing the right venue according to taste: A luxury wedding reception can become all the more luxurious with the right venue that fits the aesthetics you have in your mind. Outdoor venues such as parks, backyards, and ranches can be best decorated grandly. Modern receptions can be organized in art galleries, sophisticated restaurants, etc.

Best Places to Have a Wedding Reception

A reception ceremony place or venue can make or break the event. The right venue creates an aesthetic ambiance and sets the mood for celebration. Every luxury wedding reception ceremony requires a perfect venue to harmonize the purpose of the whole event and celebration.

Wedding Reception Places Near Me

Given below are some of the top wedding reception venues in the United States of America that one can consider:

• Vermont Farm Experience
• Grand Lake Lodge Wedding Venue
• Boston Public Library
• Oheka Castle in Huntington
• Gramercy Park Hotel
• Rainbow Room in New York
• Blue Hill at Stone Barns
• Chatham Bars Inn
• Bonner Island Estate
• The Maxwell House
• Cielo at Castle Pines
• Villa Siena


A wedding reception is held as a gesture of hospitality for those who attended the wedding. Some couples like to keep their reception ceremony more luxurious than their wedding. And for this, the venue is the most important element because it is where everyone will celebrate and will perceive it as the center of attraction. Finding a proper reception venue can be difficult which is why we have shared some valuable tips in this article regarding it.

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