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Emotion Code Therapy

What  Is Emotion Code? Benefits of Getting Emotion Code Therapy Session?

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Emotions are a vital part of the very human core, they give our life color and taste. Joy and sorrow are two sides of the same coin, the flip which decides which side we land is the situations we go through every day in our life. Things happen that we sometimes are able to control or at least thought we could, there are situations we never thought we would be in, basically, life gives us lemons and we are not always able to make lemonade out of it, or sometimes we fail at making any. Circumstances like these may have a severe impact on our mental and emotional health, leading us into a dark hole of hopelessness. Dealing with emotional trauma may be different for everyone, some people use the trauma therapy process, and others may try the support of medicine as and when required, yet other ways that include a combination of modern technology and ancient medicine are methods like PSYCH-K therapy and emotional code. Trauma means different to each individual and is supposed to be treated on an individual basis, but what may sometimes appear to be common amongst trauma is how it stays trapped inside your body even if you do not realize it. Methods like PSYCH-K sessions and emotional code use these trapped emotions as the site of their actions and take care of them.

An Emotion Code Practitioner is the one who finds these trapped emotions and helps you release them. These emotions are said to be trapped inside you by your subconscious, which did so to protect you from any similar suffering in the future. These emotions may range from anger and fear to emotions of shame and guilt, they affect your day-to-day life and do it so subtly that you will hardly be able to recognize it yourself by the time they take a big portion of your being. These practitioners specialize in releasing these emotions in a step-to-step approach, which consists of looking into your subconscious and discovering the said emotions then after a connection is established they use a varying set of methods such as questioning, and muscle testing to expose these emotions. After the exposure, the imbalance created by these emotions is corrected by a mixture of the use of therapeutic magnets and principles of ancient therapeutic medicine. The practitioner’s positive intentions are then carried out to restore the imbalance in your body. The feeling of release of emotions can be felt for a while after the completion of the process, which also differs for every individual. It is highly advised to trust the process and let work its wonders on your body.

There are known to be quite a few benefits of the Emotion Code: It helps relieve the physical and emotional manifestations of the trauma, by releasing the trapped energy. This practice is also known to help you conquer pessimistic emotions and feel happier. This practice has specifically known to help with the reduction of physical discomfort. It gives you an experience of freedom in terms of emotions.

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