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The Ultimate Guide to Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirts: Everything You Need to Know

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You may express your uniqueness and originality by wearing custom long sleeve t-shirts, which are flexible and in-demand items of clothing. Custom long sleeve t-shirts provide a plethora of opportunities, whether you are trying to market your company, provide unique gifts, or simply upgrade your appearance. Everything you need to know about custom long sleeve t-shirts, such as design possibilities, printing techniques, fabric options, and more, will be covered in this post. Let’s discuss:


The Best Fabric to Choose:

You must pick appropriate fabric when choosing personalized t-shirt printing in London.


Fabrics that Perform:

If you require bespoke long sleeve t-shirts for sports or outdoor activities, think about performance materials like polyester or moisture-wicking mixes. When you are exercising, these materials are intended to keep you cool, dry, and at ease.



Because it is comfortable and breathable, cotton is a common fabric choice for long sleeve t-shirts. It comes in a range of weights, including lightweight, medium-weight, and heavy-duty, so you may pick one that suits your tastes.



The comfort and durability of fabrics can be balanced by using blends, such as cotton-polyester blends. Compared to fabrics made entirely of cotton, they are less prone to shrinking and wrinkling.


Recognizing the Design of a Custom Long-Sleeve T-Shirt:


The function of your custom long sleeve t-shirts should be determined. Do you make them for yourself, for a fundraiser, or as promotional items? Your design ideas will be improved with the help of the purpose.



Your design concepts should be conceived of and sketched. Think carefully about the fonts, graphics, and any other unique aspects you wish to include. Consider the effect your design will have on a long-sleeved t-shirt.


Application for Graphic Design:

Digital design is an option if you are familiar with programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. As an alternative, you might work with online design tools that offer ready-made templates or employ a professional designer.


Size and Measure:


Women’s Fit against Unisex Fit:

Think about whether you would rather have a unisex fit or a more specialized fit made just for women. Women’s fit t-shirts often have shorter sleeves, tapered waists, and smaller shoulders.


Normal Configuring:

Custom long-sleeve t-shirts normally come in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. To ensure a proper fit, refer to the manufacturer’s given sizing charts.


Considerations for Quality


For long-lasting t-shirts, look for those manufactured with premium materials and stitching. A sign of high quality is reinforced seams and double-needle stitching.



T-shirts with a comfortable fit and feel are best. A soft, pre-shrunk fabric and attributes like tag less labelling and ribbed cuffs are things to look for.


Instructions for Washing:

To preserve the quality of your custom long sleeve t-shirts, pay heed to the washing and care instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Selecting the Best Printing Technique:


Vinyl Heat Transfer (HTV):

HTV entails cutting coloured vinyl into designs, which are then heat-pressed into t-shirts. This technique is frequently used to add names and numbers to sports jerseys since it works well for straightforward, one-colour designs.


Printing on a Screen:

A well-liked and economical technique for producing personalized t-shirts is screen printing. It works nicely for straightforward designs with few colors. Ink is applied to the t-shirt using this technique, which entails making a stencil (screen) for each color.


Printing Direct-to-Garment (DTG):

Direct-to-garment (DTG) printing imprints graphics directly onto the fabric using specialist inkjet printers. It supports high-resolution printing and is appropriate for intricate graphics with several colors. For modest to medium-sized orders, DTG printing works best.



Custom long sleeve t-shirts make a fantastic blank canvas for creativity and self-expression. You may make customized long-sleeve t-shirts that properly reflect your style or satisfy your promotional needs by taking into account the intended use, designing deliberately, and selecting the best printing method, fabric, and fit. With the help of this comprehensive tutorial, you are now prepared to start your path toward creating a personalized long sleeve t-shirt. Enjoy the process and welcome the distinctive opportunities they present. Now, if you live in London and require quick access to a custom-printed t-shirt that is personalized for you, Custom T-shirt printing in London’s one-stop shop can provide you with the whole service with a quick turnaround.

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