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5 Things to Consider in Selecting a Car Battery

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The engine and electrical components of your car are powered by its battery and therefore the car battery is considered one of the most important elements of design machinery. The lifespan of a car battery ranges between 3-5 years depending upon climate conditions and nature of road tours, and many more. There are a large number of brands in the market offering car batteries and due to this competition, it becomes hectic to make a final selection. To buy a car battery checker factors need to be kept in mind as a wise decision can help enhance the performance of your car. So, let’s discuss 5 important tips that you must consider while purchasing a battery for your car.

Size of the Battery

Just like we can have different sizes in cars, there are multiple sizes available in batteries as well. These are measured in terms of length, battery height, and width. The best way to find the right size for your car is to find the dimensions of the original or existing battery of your car. Battery size is important to consider because the battery is occupied by a battery tray in a car and that tray is made to occupy a specific size therefore it is vital to know the right size of the battery.

The Freshness of the Battery

The freshness of a battery is considered in terms of its date of manufacture. A newly manufactured battery will have more power backup and output than a battery manufactured a year ago or more. Therefore it is also important to verify the date of manufacture of the battery. It is recommended to buy a battery which has been manufactured within 6 months, not more than this.

Reserve Capacity of the Battery

Reserve Capacity or RC indicates the time that a battery can run on its own or without an engine. A battery with high reserve capacity can help the car through difficult times such as alternator failure, noncompliant engine, and in case of mistakenly leaving the car light on.

Requirement of Power

The lifespan of your car battery depends upon the climate condition in which you live. For instance, if you live in a colder climate your car battery can last 3 to 4 years whereas it may last only 1-2 years in a hotter climate. If you live in a cold climate, it is recommended to purchase a battery with CCA which means Cold Cranking Amps.


This is another major factor that always needs to be considered while purchasing a car battery. You should choose a battery that offers a longer warranty along with a free car battery check and replacement in case of any defects within the warranty period. A reputed brand will always offer an adequate warranty to its customers.

If you are not sure about which battery you should purchase for your car, you can take help from your trusted car mechanic and ask for some guidance. Due to being one of the vital parts of the car, you must make a decision wisely that will not only save your money but also safeguard you from life risks.

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