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Unlock Atomic camo

Tips How to Unlock Atomic Camo Fast In Vanguard

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Call of duty vanguard is a highly popular game not just amongst the youngsters but all the game lovers. It takes the players to the new challenge. Herein there will be four lead characters in the campaign. Besides, there is also a freeform-style multiplayer segment. As player progress, they will be able to unlock the Vanguard atomic camo and a lot more features.

Unlocking the atomic camo

The job of unlocking Vanguard camos can be quite challenging and one that will require a lot of time to accomplish. If you are facing difficulty in doing the same, then there are certain things that will be helpful for you to fulfill the challenge.

When talking about the multiplayer challenge in the Call of duty vanguard, you must know there is a huge similarity in the challenges for different gun categories. Also, there is stuff like melee and launcher weapons that will differ slightly, but most of the weapons happen to be the same.

The Vanguard camo challenges are quite wide. You will have to complete all the missions, which will mostly be the same across the weapons category. Remember, each category will be similar. For instance, all of the SMG weapon challenges are similar.

Each of the Vanguard atomic camo categories that you face will be a bit different. As you unlock a camo you will move ahead in the task. For instance, the first level will require you to get eliminations done with the use of the right weapons.

You will be able to get a higher level of weapons as you keep on locking the camos. The more eliminations will allow you to unlock the challenges better. In general, matching the team in the game mode is highly recommended. When it comes to facing the challenges, you just have to get headshot eliminations and go ahead with as many kills without dying multiple times.

Also, it is recommended that you turn on the Blitz combat pacing for dealing with the team deathmatch, especially when you don’t mind a jam-packed match of the players. Herein more enemies will mean you will have a better chance of getting the eliminations. But with this, things can get overwhelming.

Also, go ahead to make use of some survival techniques unlocking atomic camos. You need to try aiming to perch up on the sniping points and then shoot off. Also, for survival tactics, you can make use of armor plates and other equipment that will protect you against the granite and the kill streaks.

You need to try out the Vanguard bot lobby as this will ease the experience of clearing the levels and getting the higher level of weapons which will allow you to kill faster and better.


The Call of duty game has received great popularity. Herein you have to go ahead with unlocking the Vanguard atomic camos challenges to achieve a higher level of weapons and move ahead in the game. Remember, it can be a bit complicated, but when you know the right strategies and use just the right weapons on time, you will be able to succeed.

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